Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR) regulation 9

Notification of asbestos work


To improve the management of licensed asbestos work through auditing by the asbestos industry, HSE may share limited data provided on the ASB5 form with trade associations and relevant bodies. The data shared will be limited to: name of licensee, licence expiry date, site location, dates of work, nature of work

About you, the licence holder
Job Details

Who are you contracted to?

Main site address where asbestos work is to be carried out

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Local authority area  

Please indicate the local authority area in which the site is located. You need to select the Country first, then the geographical area (England only), and finally the local authority.
Selecting the local authority will help ensure that the appropriate Enforcing Authority (EA) for that area receives the notification.
For local authorities in England, each is allocated to a geographical area. The information is available on 'Find your local council' opens in new window

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Person preparing plan of work

Site supervisor

Job Details (continued)

Timing and duration of work

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About the work

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Control measures and risks

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  • Nuclear Licensed Sites are the 30-40 sites regulated by the Office for Nuclear Regulation, covering the defence, medical, power and science sectors.
  • Offshore Platform is a structure off the UK Continental Shelf coastline regulated by HSE's Energy Division, involved in the oil and gas industry.
  • Railway Premises are buildings, or parts of the railways system, which are rail side of the ticket barrier/ticket collection point, including light maintenance depots in the vicinity of the operational railway network.

Other licensed asbestos holders


Type of premises / activity

Enforcing Authority

Shops, offices, separate catering services, launderettes, sport, entertainment and recreational activities, exhibitions, church or religious meetings, hotels, camping and caravan sites, wholesale and retail storage.

Local Authority

Factories and factory offices, civil engineering, construction* and demolition sites, hospitals, research and development establishments, local Government services and educational establishments, fairgrounds, radio, television and film broadcasting, sea going ships, docks, transport undertakings, railways, domestic premises, quarries, farms (and associated activities), horticultural premises and forestries (*including premises which fall to Local Authorities).

Health and Safety Executive


Health and Safety Executive

Offshore Installations

Health and Safety Executive

Operating licensed nuclear sites

Health and Safety Executive

Asbestos removal as part of a construction or demolition project:

Project is notifiable under The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM)

Health and Safety Executive

All or part of the work is on the outside of the building or on the external fabric of the building even if the work going on in the premises itself is enforced by the local authority

Health and Safety Executive

In premises where (i) the normal business activity there is enforced by the LA and (ii) not a notifiable CDM project and (iii) all of the work is on the interior of the building.

Local Authority

If you are not sure then you can check out the A to Z Guide for enforcement allocation.

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