The Electricity Safety, Quality & Continuity Regulations 2002

Report of an ESQCR Incident


About you and your organisation

About where the incident happened

*Where did the incident happen?  

Give as much detail as you can about the location. As a minimum, you must provide the address details or a description of the location.
If you provide the address, you must at minimum identify
  • Address Line 1
  • Town, and
  • Postcode.

Use the Details box to provide a text description if the address is not known. You may also use the Details box to provide further information about the location of the incident, the name of the substation or offshore windfarm where appropriate

In which local authority did the incident occur?  

Please indicate the local authority area in which the site is located. You need to select the Country first, then the geographical area (England only), and finally the local authority.
Selecting the local authority will help ensure that the appropriate Enforcing Authority (EA) for that area receives the notification.
For local authorities in England, each is allocated to a geographical area. The information is available on 'Find your local council' opens in new window

About the Incident

For injuries or other events you must indicate if the incident is reportable as a RIDDOR dangerous occurrence.
If you are notifying a dangerous occurrence reportable under RIDDOR, you only need to notify the RIDDOR dangerous occurrence and any injuries reportable under ESQCR. The system will not allow you to add RIDDOR reportable injuries to the incident report.
If you are notifying a non-RIDDOR dangerous occurrence, you may add injuries reportable under both RIDDOR and ESQCR.
Other events
Please indicate if the event is reportable under RIDDOR,
  • Yes if the incident is reportable as a RIDDOR dangerous occurrence.
  • No if the incident is reportable under ESQCR only.
Note: Fire & Explosion Reports will be entered under the 'Other' category. Refer to RIDDOR and guidance. It is likely that most of the incidents will be reportable under RIDDOR on this screen.
Note: incident date & time not required for supply interruptions

Incident details - supply interruptions only

MW (megawatts)

About the Incident - domestic fatalities only


Earthing arrangements


Circuit protection details

Equipment involved details

Inquest findings

About the people involved and their injuries

Person details

*For each person who died or was injured, please enter the details and select Add. Repeat for each person involved.

Please indicate if the injury is reportable under RIDDOR.
  • Yes indicates the injury is reportable under RIDDOR.
  • No indicates the injury is not reportable under RIDDOR but is reportable under ESQCR.
If you have indicated in a previous page that the incident is reportable as a dangerous occurrence under RIDDOR, the 'flag' is set to No and the injury is classed as reportable under ESQCR.

Name of the injured / deceased person

List of fatalities and injuries

Thank you for submitting your ESQCR form

Your form has been received and has been assigned the Notification number . If you wish to keep a copy of the form, please download it using the button below. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY OTHER CONFIRMATION.

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